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Social Science and Medicine Special Issue on the role of Racism in Health Disparities 

Social Science & Medicine recently published a special issue dedicated to understanding the role of racism in health disparities. With an interdisciplinary approach, the special issue addresses immigration policy, gun violence,  workplace racism, segregation , prison healthcare, the concept of whiteness, and other pertinent racism-related predictors. 


American Journal of Law & Medicine Special Issue on Critical Race Theory

This American Journal of Law & Medicine special issue explores how Critical Race Theory can transform the study of health inequalities across the health sciences. 


Schools not prisons grant 

Sol Collective is seeking proposals from California artists, media makers, youth, activists, educators, and organizations for #SchoolsNotPrisons DIY events.

#SchoolsNotPrisons events highlight the many ways our systems of punishment harm communities, particularly communities of color.

We are looking for innovative ideas that use arts, culture and people power to challenge California’s culture of punishment and propose solutions that move public dollars away from prisons and other oppressive forms of punishment, into education, health, prevention and youth development. Proposals should identify an aspect of the punishment system (immigrant prisons, harsh school discipline, youth incarceration, war on drugs, etc), the harm it causes, and alternative solutions.